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CEO's Message

3.1.0-norm 022Welcome to Keystone Western's website. 

We are very enthusiastic about the outlook for 2018 regarding our company's role with our new and existing clients.

The success of Keystone Western over the years has directed us away from being a basic provider of trucks and rates, to becoming a logistics consultant and business partner, bringing new ideas to the table and operating as an extension of our customers supply-chain management group. 

Our Third Party Logistics Division utilizes the "Blue-Ocean" logistics philosophy and goes deeper into our client's supply chain. Our "Blue-Ocean" logistics philosophy creates out-of-the-box strategies allowing your business to sail into markets with less competition and greater profitability. Our mandate for 2018 is to elevate our exposure to the marketplace regarding our consultative "Blue-Ocean" logistics solutions.


I would like to thank Keystone Western's current customers for their loyalty over the years and also invite any new customers to contact us to learn more about our services and to see if there is a fit for your future success.


Norm Curtis,



Phone: 800-265-6460