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Free Logistics Analysis

Does the following describe the current state of your business?
Our company’s operating costs are down, revenues are up, we have a strong market share, and our investors are very happy!
If this is not your current situation, and you are looking for a logistics spark within your supply chain, or to develop a fresh strategic competitive advantage, please read on. 

Free Supply-Chain focused Logistics Consultation


Keystone Western invites you to try our free, no-obligation logistics audit. Keystone’s logistics consultants have years of experience in supply chain/logistics optimization and will discuss the challenges within your current state of operation. (CITT, P.LOG, C.LOG) We have found this process to be instrumental in creating a more competitive and profitable business.

Once we have identified opportunities for optimization to reduce costs, improve customer service, and to increase market share, we can start our full supply-chain/logistics analysis program.
Fees are dependant of the project structure. ROI on this project could be REWARDING.
Please complete the following information and we will reply within the same day to set up a no-obligation meeting.

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Each company has its own unique "Logistics DNA" as their overall supply chain requirements are not exactly the same. Your supply chain may consist of suppliers, inventory, manufacturing, warehousing, customers, and competitors located around the globe. This places a priority to understand your customer's needs and to design and optimize "logistics within your supply-chain" to provide a competitive advantage.

Studies have shown* that every 1% reduction in overall logistics costs is equal to a 10% increase in sales to the company's bottom line.

Call or email us today to learn more about our logistics consulting services.

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* Ken Gwilliam "Multi-Modal Transportation Networks and Logistics" Principal Transport Economist, The World Bank.


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